Janice Kim Kelly brings you private and semi-private lessons right to your home or office. Each session is catered specifically towards your needs.  Whether you are looking for a gentle, calming practice, or a high intensity workout, Janice brings a warm and lighthearted approach with thoughtfulness and care. Arrangements can also be made to hold lessons at partnering studios for an additional fee.

Benefit of Private Lessons:
-The ease and reduction of stress and intimidation of a group class setting.
-Immediate and improved form with personalized attention and demonstration of each pose.
-Customized lessons that pertain to individual goals for strength, flexibility, and meditation.
-A session that's accommodating to your schedule and location.
-Special attention to health concerns related to pregnancy, injuries, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
-Hands on adjustments that release tension, deepen your practice, and allow step-by-step guidance into advanced poses in a safe and inspiring environment.

Training Examples:
-Restorative Yoga: Great for those looking to reduce stress or who may be recovering from an injury looking to invite gentle movement, light meditation, and open up the body without stress or force.
-Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga: A more vigorous and athletic approach to yoga. Increase the heart rate, strengthen and stretch your body. Session designed to accommodate all levels and ages.
-Yoga for Runners and/or Cyclers: Supplement your training schedule with sessions that emphasize hip and hamstring openers, calf and foot strengtheners and stretches, and core work that increases range of motion, helps the recovery and prevention of injuries, and supports optimal performance in your running or cycling training.
-Yoga for Weight Lifters/Athletes: Supplement your training schedule with yoga sessions that emphasize shoulder openers and stretching and strengthening of the lower, upper, and middle back to help relieve or prevent back and shoulder pain often associated with weight lifting or sports/fitness training.
-Yoga for Weight Loss/Muscle Tone: Emphasis on building strength in the core and overall body, and to increase the heart rate while incorporating calming stretches to ease the mind and lower cortisol levels.

"Janice listened to all of my concerns, helped me to set realistic goals and started me on a yoga journey that has significantly addressed my issues. She expertly took my inflexibility and my age into account and developed a program that has been easy to follow and sustain. Janice has been very patient, supportive,  understanding and encouraging - and never looked at me as a hopeless case! I highly recommend Janice Kim Yoga to anyone looking to improve the quality of their health and their life." -John S.

"Janice has a calming presence and positive attitude that makes the session enjoyable even when it's difficult. Any challenge I had with yoga positions were overcome by Janice's expertise as she expertly guided me through modifications. I felt completely comfortable with all the newly learned moves. Janice then demonstrated the more advanced poses as a goal for me to work toward. I wholeheartedly recommend Janice Kim as a private yoga instructor for any level of yoga student." -Jen S.